Vancouver, British Columbia / October 15, 2018 – Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (“APC” or the “Company”) (TSXV: APC) (FSE: 0E8), is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first phase of the Collaboration of APC with Noria Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the rapidly growing and dynamic field of antibody radioisotope conjugates which is expected to have a major impact in the fight against cancer.

APC has succeeded in creating a construct using its proprietary, site-selective, linker technology with Noria’s proprietary MacroPa radioisotope chelation technology in combination with a well-established, commercially successful antibody. The excellent bio-affinity/targeting capability of the parent antibody has been preserved in the novel antibody-MacroPa conjugate in measurements performed by an independent laboratory. This accomplishment sets the stage for studies of targeted alpha-particle therapy, which is intended to carry a uniquely powerful radiation source to specific treatment points to destroy tumor cells.

In light of this development, APC and Noria have agreed to move forward with the second phase of their announced collaboration (July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) which will involve radiolabeling and testing utilizing cell lines and animal studies.

Dr. Allen Krantz, CSO and Founder of APC commented “We look forward to demonstrating the superiority of our site-selective approach to creating antibody-radioisotope-conjugates with Noria’s novel chelation technology that have commercial potential and advance cancer therapies.” This program evokes synergies with our independent efforts involving targeted beta therapy for cancers and will allow us to leverage our technology in both initiatives.

Bill Dickie, APC’s President and CEO, stated that “it is exciting to witness the speed with which we have successfully applied APC technology to the development of vehicles for the targeted delivery of radiopharmaceuticals. These programs provide an important dimension to our overall mission involving anti-cancer therapeutics, which include recently announced (Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)) positive results with antibody-amanitin conjugates which will be more fully reported shortly.”.

Dr. Allan Green, President and CEO of Noria commented “We are indeed excited to continue our collaboration with APC and look forward to working with them to create superior antibody-based therapies.



Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation is developing a proprietary technology to directly target cancerous tumors and avoid destroying normal cells.  This type of agent is capable of greater potency, higher specificity and lower toxicity than other therapies that can also attack healthy cells.  The Company is working to streamline the process by which these agents are prepared, which to date, has been extremely cumbersome, limiting their potential.

Noria Therapeutics Inc. is developing diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical agents based on its proprietary Trillium™ structural chemistry and its proprietary MacroPA™ radioisotope chelate technology which provide agents with controllable pharmacokinetics with improved tumor targeting properties.


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