Vancouver, British Columbia / October 9, 2018 – Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (“APC” or the “Company”) (TSXV: APC) (FSE: 0E8), is pleased to report favorable results in initial animal studies.

Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) are an emerging class of therapeutic agents with the potential to revolutionize current treatment strategies and regimens. The combination of APC’s proprietary site-selective protein modification technology and Heidelberg Pharma’s proprietary ATAC technology, featuring the mushroom toxin amanitin, has led to conjugates that possess high target-specific cytotoxic potency against several cancer cell lines. The lead conjugate has proceeded to the next level of testing in vivo.

The company is pleased to announce that analysis of the first set of a series of ongoing experiments indicate that the lead antibody-amanitin conjugate has exhibited pronounced efficacy in the subcutaneous human breast carcinoma tumor model in female nude mice, the initial subject of testing.  These encouraging results will be reported on more fully, along with the present round of studies, when they are completed in a few weeks.

Allen Krantz, CSO of APC, commented “it is worthwhile pointing out at this juncture, that this first in vivo study utilizing APC’s linker technology represents a milestone: a clear demonstration of the viability of the technology involving a specific linker-toxin combination of antibody-drug conjugates directed toward reducing tumor burden in animal models of cancer.”



Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation is developing a proprietary technology to directly target cancerous tumors and avoid destroying normal cells.  This type of agent is capable of greater potency, higher specificity and lower toxicity than other therapies that can also attack healthy cells.  The Company is working to streamline the process by which these agents are prepared, which to date, has been extremely cumbersome, limiting their potential.


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