Vancouver, British Columbia / November 14, 2018 – Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (“APC” or the “Company”) (TSXV: APC) (FSE: 0E8), is pleased to announce very positive results from animal studies in collaboration with Heidelberg Pharma.

Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) are an emerging class of therapeutic agents with the potential to revolutionize current treatment strategies and regimens to fight cancer. The combination of APC’s proprietary site-selective protein modification technology and Heidelberg Pharma’s proprietary ATAC technology, featuring the mushroom toxin amanitin, has led to conjugates that possess high target-specific anti-cancer potency established in several human cancer cell types.

The Company is pleased to announce that the lead ADC has now impressively demonstrated complete tumor regression at a single low dose in two challenging mouse models of human cancer (JIMT-1, NCI-N87) over extended observation periods with clear superiority over benchmark molecules used as positive controls. The potency and efficacy exhibited by the ADC is profound and the studies are still ongoing, as the improved condition of the test animals permitted a longer-term evaluation than originally contemplated.

Dr. Allen Krantz, CSO and Founder of APC commented “These exciting results have exceeded our high expectations. APC’s ability to rapidly generate superior antibody-drug conjugates without having to perform labor-intensive engineering of the antibody to enable the point of selective attachment of the drug, represents a game changing advantage for our Company in the field of ADCs.  Our site selective approach of linking drugs to a favored and universally present site in therapeutically-important antibodies is a powerful and efficient way of producing homogeneous cancer killing ADCs with excellent biophysical properties. The validation of our technology now opens the door to advanced state-of-the-art therapeutic approaches, which are in progress, and for which we have recently filed key patents.”

APC and Heidelberg Pharma have agreed to extend their collaboration in two important ways. Heidelberg Pharma are in the process of negotiating terms for APC’s linker technology to be included in the amanitin tool box available to pharma partners developing new ADCs. Also, Heidelberg Pharma and APC will continue to identify and test ADC drug candidates that best exploit the combined strengths of both our technologies.

Dr. Andreas Pahl, CSO of Heidelberg Pharma, said “APC’s linker technology, which does not require any modification of the natural framework of an antibody prior to its conversion into a drug, can significantly streamline development of a new generation of ADCs from existing, well proven antibodies.”

Bill Dickie, President and CEO of APC added “We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Heidelberg Pharma’s innovative technology and outstanding team, as we work together to advance the field of ADCs and build value for our companies.”



Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation is developing a proprietary technology to directly target cancerous tumors and avoid destroying normal cells.  This type of agent is capable of greater potency, higher specificity and lower toxicity than other therapies that can also attack healthy cells.  The Company is working to streamline the process by which these agents are prepared, which to date, has been extremely cumbersome, limiting their potential.


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