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Why invest?

  • Two development paths: platform technology with the ability to be licensed by others and proprietary therapeutic product development
  • A major step to standardize and simplify a promising approach to cancer therapy that homes in on cancer cells thereby avoiding the nasty side effects of traditional chemotherapeutics
  • Current and future partnerships could lead to early licensing revenue opportunities
  • Potential acquisition target

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Corporate information

We are a reporting company in Canada and file with the Canadian Securities Administrators our annual reports with annual financial statements, interim reports, management information, circulars (proxy statements), press releases, and other items, which are publicly available on SEDAR.

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To speak to our investor relations representative, please contact Allen Krantz at akrantz@advancedproteome.com


Year End:
July 31

Shares Issued and Outstanding:
As of December 5, 2017 – 146,459,100

Transfer Agent:
Computershare Investor Services Inc.

Officers and Directors:

Allen Krantz, PhD
Chief Science Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director and Corporate Secretary

Bill Dickie
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director

Paul Woodward

Dr. John Garrett

Scientific Advisory Board:
Dr. Aditya Bardia
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Dr. Greg Thurber
University of Michigan

Prof. Stephen G. Withers
University of British Columbia

Audit Committee:

Allen Krantz, Ph.D.

Business Advisory Committee:

Craig Barton

Gerry Gray


Dale Matheson
Carr-Hilton LaBonte LLP