Advanced Proteome is simplifying and standardizing the production of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) to treat cancer, using proprietary site-selective chemistries as protein modification technologies.

Our site-selective labeling technology platform is called Universal Antibody Connectors™ (UAC).   Our approach allows us to generate antibody drug conjugate candidates, which are more uniform and homogenous than the current state of the art.  This is critical to maximize manufacturability and efficacy of an ADC.  Our UAC technology platform has been expanded allowing for combination therapies employing multiple distinct payloads and the production of Antibody Radioisotope conjugates (ARCs).

Through academic and industrial partnerships, we have established discovery proof of concept for our ADCs and a discovery stage ARCs product pipeline, including proprietary antibodies and payloads. We will either partner to further establish discovery proof of concept or take proprietary product candidates into the clinic, as appropriate.

Partnership opportunities

If you are an industry professional and would like to learn more about partnering with us to take advantage of our novel technology, please send an email detailing your requirements to

A promising opportunity

Cancer Treatment Evolving

Despite the huge promise of ADCs and their active clinical development worldwide, their effectiveness, ease of manufacturing and clinical potential has been limited by several factors, including the production of complex mixtures rather than ideally a single, pure, active constituent.

Significant gaps exist in the linker chemistry technology that allows the formation of ADCs. Most notably, non-specific methods for producing ADCs often lead to complicated mixtures having suboptimal safety and efficacy, and have been cumbersome and challenging to scale for manufacturing purposes.

To perfect ADC products and minimize labor intensive and costly manufacturing processes, as well as increase the odds for regulatory approvals, a linker technology that can attach to a specific site on an antibody must be developed. Advanced Proteome is currently advancing technology with broad applications and commercial potential to overcome some of the limitations of traditional ADCs.

Our technology

We use proprietary site-selective chemistries as protein modification technologies. By applying the UAC technology, we are able to label antibodies with a modular, customizable linker technology, which can be coupled to a variety of payload types.

Advanced Proteome has demonstrated selectivity of labeling using quantitative detection methods, which we developed for this purpose, on a variety of therapeutic antibodies, including the clinically efficacious and commercially successful antibody Trastuzumab. In vitro and in vivo analysis of our ADCs reveal superior efficacy in multiple cancer models.

Growth plan

Advanced Proteome is advancing our labeling technology through two parallel paths:

  • Licensing our linker technology to companies for the development of their own therapeutics
  • Creating ADC product candidates based on novel antibodies in combination with our linker technology